6.2. get

Let's next create a controller with three simple pages:
$ rails generate controller Home index ping pong
       route  get "home/pong"
       route  get "home/ping"
       route  get "home/index"
Now rake routes lists a route for these three pages:
$ rake routes
home_index GET /home/index(.:format) home#index
 home_ping GET /home/ping(.:format)  home#ping
 home_pong GET /home/pong(.:format)  home#pong
The pages can be accessed at the following URLs after starting the Rails server with rails server:
With the output home#index, Rails tells us that the route /home/index goes into the controller home and there to the action/method index. These routes are defined in the file config/routes.rb. rails generate controller Home index ping pong has automatically inserted the following lines there:
  get "home/index"
  get "home/ping"
  get "home/pong"

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