1.7. Windows - Installation of Ruby on Rails 3.2

At http://railsinstaller.org/ there is a simple, all-inclusive Ruby on Rails installer for Windows for Ruby 1.9.3 and Rails 3.2. Optionally, you can also install SSH and Git. This enables you to implement a Capistrano deployment of your Rails project on the production server, as shown in Section 15.4, “Web Server with Capistrano Deployment”.
Screenshot of Ruby on Rails Installer
After installing Rails with the installer, you still have to carry out a gem update in the command line so you can access the latest Rails version.


If you are reading the printed book version of this chapter, then please also check the online version at http://xyzpub.com/en/ruby-on-rails/3.2/. Each update of the operating system will usually mean an update of the installation instructions.

And Now?

If you have never worked with Ruby before, you should first read Chapter 2, Ruby Basics. If you are already a Ruby master and want to move on to Rails now, then I recommend reading Chapter 3, First Steps with Rails.

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