17.2. Editorial Office

Writing a book on a particular topic is one thing, but turning it into a book that actually reads well over several hundred pages is an entirely different story. This is only possible if you have a good editorial team, because often the book's author can no longer see the wood for the trees.

Dominik Bamberger

Dominik Bamberger is working as Ruby on Rails programmer for the company SUSE LINUX Products GmbH in Nuremberg, Germany. As Rails expert he has spotted some mistakes as technical editor of the book and often provided helpful ideas for how to structure the content.

Brigitte Hamerski

Brigitte Hamerski (http://www.lektorat-hamerski.de) once again did excellent work in copy editing this book. Without her work, the text would be riddled with typos, wrong punctuation and grammatical errors. Above all, it would be full of repetitive sentences and sometimes overly long and complicated descriptions of things that are really quite simple.

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